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Trust through digital closeness.

No other digital platform manages to present a person in such a targeted, transparent and convincing manner in such a short time. The perfect stage for people – no matter what industry.

Users of the cvPage

First and foremost, it’s about the fast and constant mediation of the person with all their contact details in order to give the other person a transparent and honest picture.

Especially with sensitive topics or high-priced products, you lay the foundation for a successful cooperation here!


for individual users and the self-employed.
For example:

— Freelancers
— private individuals
— Students
— Athlete
— Public figures
— Retailers (e.g. florists)
— Services (e.g. hairdresser) …


for small to large companies.
For example:

— banks
— real estate companies
— car dealerships
— Insurance & Financial Companies
— Associations and clubs
— Parliament
— City administration …

Aktuell 5.236 cvPages live! Diese Unternehmen setzen auf Vertrauen in ihrer Kommunikation:

Beispiele für cvPages

Die cvPage eignet sich für eine Vielzahl von Branchen, Unternehmen und auch  Einzelpersonen. Hier sehen Sie ein paar Beispiele für den Einsatz der cvPage im Alltag.

Use in everyday life

Your cvPage is your constant companion! Those around you and your contacts can get an idea of who you are via various channels at any time – without you having to do anything actively.

With this transparent, honest and open presentation of people – also in the look of your company – you give your business partners a clear leap of faith: a strong basis for successful business!

Email signature

Place the link to your cvPage in your email signature.

Business card

The QR code takes the user directly to your cvPage.


List your cvPage automatically on your website.

Representation of the team

A complete overview of all cvPage users in your company is automatically created for the cvPage in the team version. In addition, you can place a general text about the company with a picture and logo on the overview page.


of users rate their cvPage as helpful and confidence-inspiring in day-to-day dealings and communication.

Survey of 452 users (07/2023)

Overview of prices

The following basic functions are included in all cvPage packages:

— Direct web address
— Image/video upload
— vcf file download (contact details)
— QR code
— Email support

Number of cvPages (User)

Individual design

Team overview

Global Records

Personal support


for single users
and self-employed



Number of cvPages (users):


Individual design:

Team overview:

Global Records:

Personal support:


for small and medium


Per cvPage and month

Number of cvPages (users):

up to 100

Individual design:

Team overview:

Global Records:

Personal support:


for big companies
and organizations


On request

Number of cvPages (users):


Individual design:

Team overview:

Global Records:

Personal support:

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